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Why Choose Xteme Optical?

By now you have probably been scouring the internet for information about prescription outdoor eyewear and read countless blog posts and chat room responses. Want to make heads and tails out of all the opinions out there? Xtreme Optical can tell you what is really possible with your prescription and your desired goals.

No Fear! We're not afraid of your hobby!

We need you to bring your shotgun in if we are creating a custom shooting prescription. Using iron sights for rifle or handgun and needing a custom prescription for those fuzzy sights? We want you to work with your weapon as we create your shooting prescription.

Motorcycle riders - need prescription riding glasses and wearing a full or 3/4 helmet? We want you to bring your helmet in when selecting frames for riding. Let's face it - We think your hobby is cool - and we just want to see your shotgun, weapon or your ride (or both!)

Your Prescription Outdoor Eyewear Specialists

Xtreme Optical is a full service optometric office with an understanding of the demanding visual needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are a clay target shooter needing improved distance vision, a pistol shooter with blurry front sights or a motorcycle rider needing to see far away and the GPS on the handlebars, the experts at Xtreme Optical can help find the right eyewear solution for you. Even if you have been told you cannot have your prescription in a sunglass frame, new technologies are increasing the ranges on prescription sunglasses.

Let us help you with new eyewear to see your best for your next shoot or ride. New lenses like the Ranger ColorMag Technology enhances the orange color spectrum for clay targets. Riders will like Transistions Vantage lenses which are dark and polarized in the sun AND turn clear at night – no stopping to change lenses! The right lens product combined with proven performance frames from companies like Randolph Engineering, WileyX or Bolle can enhance your outdoor experience.