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Our Services

Xtreme Optical is much more than a sunglass dealer. With an knowledgeable staff excited about your hobby and an experienced doctor we are ready to help you see your best. Outdoor activities like shooting, motorcycle riding, bicycle riding or fishing require different visual tasks than sitting in an office or driving a car. Your outdoor eyewear needs to respond to those unique tasks. We can help you understand what can be accomplished with the new lens technologies available today.

Custom fitting of outdoor eyewear

Try before you buy. Not all frames fit the same under a helmet. Cable temples work for some people, while some prefer bayonet temples on shooting glasses. Extreme Optical has demo frames to try on and make sure the fit works for you and your hobby.

Creating Custom Prescriptions*

Because the visual demands of outdoor activities can be unique, a prescription for normal glasses may not work as well for your hobby. Maybe you need to enhance distance vision, or need intermediate vision without tilting your head. We can create a custom prescription for your activities based on your current valid prescription.

Complete Eye Exams*

Has it been a while since your last eye exam? Are you concerned about how diabetes, cataracts or dry eye may be impacting your activities? Dr. Kristen Langner is available to provide comprehensive eye exams. Dr. Langner performs the entire exam herself, and glad to answer questions regarding your vision and favorite outdoor activities.

Fitting of Contact lenses*

New technologies in contact lenses make contacts available for most any prescription. If you want contacts for occasional use daily disposable lenses are available in a widening range of parameters including multifocal and toric lenses. Dr. Langner’s expertise in fitting contact lenses can help determine if contacts may be right for you.

Co-management of LASIK and Cataract surgery*

Maybe getting rid of glasses and contacts is the best solution for your active outdoor life, or maybe cataracts have been hindering your favorite activities. Dr. Langner can offer a honest opinion of how these procedures can benefit you. If surgery is right for you, we can handle pre and post surgical appointments in the comfort and convenience of our office.

*additional fees may apply for some services.